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We are developing a bot that can ...


We are making an AI that will ...

We are building others' dream for a charging. We are bots.

We are coaching Software Developer, Business Analysist, Marketing Executive, Game Developer, Game Designer and Tester.

A game and app publisher on App Store and Play Store. We help all solar studios as well as lonely studios or indies.

We are developing 2 Match 3 relaxing 3D games. One for NFT web3 and one for app stores.

We are developing a unique, original RPG card game. We have to keep secret until it is released, sorry.

We are making a tower defense game. We love Plants vs Zombies. We are looking for SOMEONE to join as Co-Founder(s).

We are making a tactic fighting game. Our busy bees have a day job to support their basic needs. Looking for an Angel to free them.



Developer, Designer

I am willing to work for free, for fun and for a larger solar system. I can join any startups that need help.

another one

Content Writer, Co-Founder

I am willing to write forever. Forgive me if this does not sound good as a chatbot.


John Doe

Mentor, Angel Investor

I am interesting in startups that can ...

Jane Doe

Advisor, Financial Supporter

I will support startups that trying to ...

Man huynh


Everyone is having several bots and AI assistants surround. We are not talking about the future. It's happening. Join us now!